introducing bryt envision

Get insight into your business’s electricity consumption, optimise your usage and reduce costs through our visualisations and analytics platform, Bryt Envision.

Benefits of bryt envision


check-uncheck View your electricity usage on any device, anywhere.
check-uncheck Personalise your dashboard & reports to your business’s needs.
check-uncheck Add key building metrics (occupancy, population, floor area) onto your raw data to understand how variables affect each sites’ consumption.


check-uncheck Use tables to compare the performance of different properties.
check-uncheck Use the calendar to compare your consumption over days, weeks and months.
check-uncheck Understand site trends through your dashboard.
check-uncheck Track efficiency goals and highlight changes over time for better benchmarking and reporting.


check-uncheck Identify areas you can reduce consumption and improve energy efficiency measures.
check-uncheck Monitor any cost savings from optimising your consumption.
check-uncheck See the amount of carbon your business has avoided by choosing Bryt Energy’s zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity.


Is there a cost?

No, this is a free service for all Bryt Energy customers with half-hourly AMR (Automated Meter Reading) meters.

How can I view my data?

You can access your data via the Homepage of Bryt Envision, anywhere, anytime. The platform can be viewed from either a desktop or on your mobile, and you can also have multiple users set up to access your data.

What reports can I run from Bryt Envision?

There are many reports you can run on this platform. Some of the most popular reports include half-hourly electricity consumption data, power factor and maximum demand.

All reports can be viewed in a browser, downloaded, or sent straight to your email address, and some are available in both graph and csv format.

Sounds useful?

If you’re a Bryt Energy customer with a half-hourly meter and would like to register your interest in using this platform, get in touch with our friendly team of experts, below.

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A smarter approach to demand flexibility can help businesses reach net zero
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