Pure Control

Giving you greater control, flexibility and transparency in managing your non-energy costs and third-party charges.


Budget certainty

Gives you budget certainty for your energy costs*.

Manage non-energy costs

Retain visibility and control over your non-energy costs.

Avoid risk premiums

Avoid potential risk premiums built into your non-energy costs.


Our Pure Control electricity supply product allows businesses to fix their energy costs, while choosing whether to fix or pass-through their non-energy costs. Customers can avoid energy price changes but retain control over non-energy charges. With Pure Control, businesses get some budget certainty, but can still tailor non-energy charges in line with their energy strategy.


Choosing zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity can bring a whole host of sustainable and reputational benefits to your business. And with our supply backed by renewable guarantee of origin certificates, report your electricity consumption (Scope 2) as zero carbon, under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol market-based method1.


Take the next step

If you are interested in our Pure Control product, call us at 0330 053 8620 or email heretohelp@brytenergy.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss which options are best for your business.

*subject to T&C’s

1Bryt Energy’s supply product has been audited and verified by an independent third party, EcoAct, to guarantee that our products are backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs). Bryt Energy manages these certificates to ensure that we have a sufficient amount in order to supply renewable power to all of our customers across a year, and therefore allow our customers to report zero carbon emissions under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 Guidance. All source certification meets GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance Quality Criteria for market-based reporting method.

Certificates are held by energy suppliers for Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD) purposes and Bryt Energy’s FMD represents the total amount of electricity purchased from the wholesale market to cover our portfolio of customers’ supply in given FMD year. 100% of the total amount of electricity purchased for supply by Bryt Energy during the period 2022/23 was from renewable sources. Bryt Energy purchases all electricity through our parent company, Statkraft, who procure the electricity volume to match our customers’ contracted amount from the wholesale electricity market.

Please note, all electricity to your properties is supplied via National Grid’s transmission network and local distribution networks (not directly from a renewable generator), so you will be provided with electricity from a mix of sources that the grid is being supplied with at that time from all generators – this may include fossil fuel sources.

Our full Fuel Mix Disclosure and FAQs on our products are available here. You can find our verification assurance statement here.