Our Purpose

Leading Britain towards a net zero, sustainable energy future; having a positive impact on businesses, communities and the planet.

Climate change and net zero

Global warming will exceed 2°C above pre-industrialised levels unless significant action is taken now.


Its effects are already visible in climate change trends across the globe, such as more frequent extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity and rising seas. However, through strong and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we can limit further impact.


With the UK’s Net Zero target set for 2050, emissions reduction is increasingly crucial for businesses and organisations.

The energy sector’s role

In the UK, energy supply is one of the biggest sources of emissions, with the energy supply sector contributing over 24.8% of the UK’s overall carbon emissions in 2022.

As the UK transitions to a net zero system, there will be an increased uptake of low carbon technology (such as EVs and heat pumps), which will make balancing the grid more challenging.

The electricity industry needs to evolve and behaviours need to change:

Our vision for the energy sector is a net zero future in which consumers are empowered to actively engage with, support and benefit from a sustainable energy system, playing our part in delivering Statkraft’s global vision to renew the way the world is powered.

Our Contribution

From the start, we’ve been providing British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity. Through pioneering products and services, we empower businesses to optimise their consumption, challenge the way they interact with the electricity system, and practice good grid citizenship, for the benefit of all of us.

What we can do for you

Take the next step

A better approach to energy is within our collective grasp and it’s up to all of us to make it a reality. Regardless of where you are on your sustainable energy journey, we can support you every step of the way.