Welcome to Bryt Energy.


Here at Bryt Energy, we’re a passionate, future-focused bunch, on a mission to take our community on a carbon-reducing journey. We supply zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity to British businesses, along with on-site generation, battery storage and optimisation controls.


Together, they help our customers towards a sustainable energy future, whilst reducing costs and improving their CSR credentials – it’s a win-win!


Statkraft, with their 120 years' experience in renewable energy, worked together with start-up and UK energy experts, MEA, to set up Bryt Energy in 2016. 



Bryt Energy is a subsidiary of Statkraft; Europe's largest generator of renewable energy and leading international hydropower company. 

With their 120-year history, and being 100% Norwegian state owned, they make us a safe, secure and sustainable energy company.


With their expertise in UK energy and supply business start-up and management, MEA, along with Statkraft, helped to set up Bryt Energy with a running start.

We take a forward-thinking approach to everything we do for you


We're passionate about providing an excellent service that benefits both our customers and the environment.


We're agile and do things differently to create pioneering and sustainable technology. We're involved in the latest developments in industrial battery storage and on-site generation.


Our customers are at the heart of what we do - and we do the basics brilliantly. Customers trust us to work at the highest of ethical standards, offering zero carbon energy at no extra cost.

Our diverse team is made up of experts from all industry backgrounds, making Bryt Energy a truly revolutionary business energy provider. To learn more about working at Bryt, click here.

Before we can provide you with the right quote for your business electricity, we need to determine what kind of organisation you are. Please can you answer these 3 simple questions:

1. Does your organisation consume less than 50,000kWh per year?

2. Do you have a meter type that is a Profile class 1,2,3 or 4?

3. Does your meter have 3 charge rates per meter or less?

(You should be able to find all this information out from your current electricity invoice but if you’re unsure, please just email us at solutions@brytenergy.co.uk)

Download your Bryt Energy price generator here

Please just follow the instructions on the generator to get a price.