We are updating one of our key email addresses. Our email address is changing to


This change is part of a suite of upgrades we are making to our internal systems to improve how we service our customers. 


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and would like to assure you that we will still receive any emails that may be sent to the old email address in error. Future Customer Service emails that you receive will be sent from our new email address.


What do you need to do?  

Our friendly Customer Service team are always happy to help, just use the new email address to get in touch as you would before. You can still expect a prompt response and our telephone numbers remain the same.   


To ensure you receive all our emails despite this change, it’s important that you save our new contact address as a trusted email address and let your colleagues know to do the same. This will ensure any communications we send you from our new customer service email are not flagged as spam or missed.  


Please note, we will only ever contact you from 3 domains: 

For all communications with our Bryt employees.  

For all automated communications from our systems, in relation to the products you are using.  

For all automated marketing communications. 


If you are contacted by any other email address it should be considered as a potential phishing email and reported to us via our new email address,