Aside from allowing the energy you use to be settled properly within the industry, regular readings will allow Bryt Energy to bill you as accurately as possible, rather than relying on estimates which may be higher than the actual amount of energy you have used.

This will in turn allow you to assess your energy usage and budget accordingly.

In order to settle the energy usage correctly, Bryt Energy will need you to provide regular meter readings so that we know how much energy you have used.

If you have a SMART or AMR meter, this will provide us with accurate automatic readings and you will not need to take any action to provide any additional readings to us.

If you have a dial meter you will receive a monthly request for meter readings by email asking you to submit them via the online portal or by email to

The electricity Bryt Energy supplies to you is generated from zero carbon, 100% renewable sources. The role of the settlement team is to ensure energy generation providers are correctly paid and the industry is informed with details of the specific energy used. This ensures enough power is generated without wasted energy and keeps the supply of energy reliable.