19,000 tonnes co2 saved

Retail Customer

There’s a large consumer demand for businesses to make their products more sustainable and build accountability into their value chain. According to Deloitte, the five sustainable brand practices that consumers value most include: waste reduction, providing sustainable packaging, committing to ethical work practices, respecting human rights and reducing carbon emissions.

Ethical & Sustainability

1 in 3 claimed to have stopped purchasing certain brands or products because they had ethical or sustainability related concerns.*

Reduce Plastic Packaging

64% want brands to reduce plastic packaging and 50% want more information on how to recycle.*

Sustainable Sourcing

46% need clarity on the sourcing of products.*

Report zero carbon on your electricity supply

Here at Bryt Energy we can help retailers reduce their carbon footprint with one simple step – switching to our zero carbon,
100% renewable electricity sourced solely from Solar, Wind & Hydro power.

We have our fuel mix and products independently audited by EcoAct on an annual basis. This certifies that our supply is backed by guarantee of origin certificates and allows our customers to report zero carbon emissions on their electricity consumption (Scope 2) under the Green House Gas (GHG) protocol marketbased method. See our assurance statement, here.

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How we helped

We helped one of our customers, a large international health and beauty retailer, do just that. They were looking to gain an understanding of their energy usage across their retail portfolio, as well as reduce their carbon footprint as part of their sustainability and corporate social responsibility programme. We offered them a unique package of renewable electricity, with the opportunity of optimisation solutions and smart data portfolio analytics. The customer’s trust in our ability to take on and manage their entire site portfolio in a complex and dynamic market, alongside supplying them with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, was crucial in them making their decision to switch to us.

It’s evident that consumer sustainability continues to be on the rise in a post-covid world and research shows how consumer behaviours in the UK are becoming more environmentally conscious in 2021.

The result

In their first 12 months on supply, we saved the customer over 19,000 tonnes of
CO2, which is the equivalent of filling Wembley Stadium with CO2 almost three
times. Plus, following a successful start to their two year contract, the customer
extended their contract by 12 months, only strengthing our partnership and
reinforcing the benefits of switching to our zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity.

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