We were Britian’s fastest growing business electricity supplier in 2020*

Bryt Energy
| 08th June 2021 | Energy Renewables

Please note that Bryt Energy is no longer a carbon neutral organisation. Instead we have decided to focus on robust carbon emissions reduction targets, which have been validated by the globally recognised Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). By setting our targets using the most up-to-date climate science, we are ensuring we are playing our part in global action to tackle climate change and are accountable for reducing our emissions alongside a verifiable pathway. To learn more about our targets, you can visit page 16 of our 2023 Bryt by Nature report, here.


Here at Bryt Energy, we’re proud to announce that we were the fastest growing business electricity supplier in Britain in 2020*! 

We saw impressive organic growth in electricity volume in 2020 compared to 2019*, suggesting that carbon reduction remains a priority for businesses, despite recent COVID challenges. This is an encouraging sign that businesses are getting behind the UK’s commitment to a green recovery.   


With business decarbonisation critical to meeting the UK’s goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050, organisations are increasingly choosing energy partners that can help them to meet their carbon reduction targets.   


Our Managing Director, Ian Brothwell, said: “Making the switch to renewable electricity is now seen as the first step for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and Bryt Energy’s growth demonstrates the increasing demand for electricity from zero carbon, 100% natural sources, such as solar, wind and hydro power. At a time when many businesses are facing increased pressure due to COVID-19, supporting their sustainability claims with credible action (such as making the switch to a renewable supply) demonstrates a clear commitment to a low carbon future.  


“It’s been a challenging year and I’m proud of how the Bryt Energy Team has adapted to working from home to achieve such a fantastic result. Our growth over the last 12 months has really been a testament to the passion of the Team, who have gone above and beyond to support both new and existing customers throughout the pandemic. This is reflected by our average customer satisfaction rating of 4.9/5 during this time+.”  


As part of our own sustainability plans, we became a carbon neutral^ business in 2020 and have committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2025 through our ‘Bryt By Nature’ programme. We’ve also committed to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of this.   


Ian Brothwell continues: “We pride ourselves on practicing what we preach – we know that sustainability is about more than just the environment – it’s about ensuring a positive impact on our whole sphere of influence. With the government setting ambitious targets for UK generation of renewable electricity, this year will be a crucial one for businesses to put in place strong sustainability strategies. That is why we are looking forward to working with more like-minded customers to help turn their ambitions into actions.”  


If you’d like to talk with one of our friendly experts about your own sustainability journey, please call us on 0330 053 8620 or email  heretohelp@brytenergy.co.uk.


*Organic growth only, based on Bryt Energy’s 2020 share of national settled electricity volumes in Great Britain compared to 2019 share, versus other business-only suppliers.


+based upon all customer responses to all routine satisfaction surveys undertaken by Bryt Energy between April 2020 – May 2021. 


^Carbon neutral is defined by Bryt Energy as Scope 1, 2 & 3 for the categories of gas, electricity, water, waste and business travel. The scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions for 2016-2019 were 106.64 tonnes and therefore 110 tonnes of carbon credits from the Bokhol Solar project were retired on behalf of Bryt Energy by EcoAct in August 2020.  

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