Bryt Energy’s £100m milestone

Shannon Berridge - Digital Marketing Executive
| 07th September 2018 | Energy
at Bryt Energy, we have hit a milestone. We have now signed contracts to supply electricity to British businesses to the value of £100m per annum.

That’s £100m of 100% renewable, zero carbon electricity, sourced solely from wind, solar and hydro, supplied to our customers.   


It’s a milestone to be celebrated as we lead Britain to embrace a low carbon, sustainable energy future, working together to achieve the highest ethical standards.   


Geoff Thomas, CEO of Bryt Energy commented: “We’re focused on delivering fantastic zero carbon energy supply and storage solutions for British business. We have assembled an expert team from the industry and diverse complementary backgrounds to provide a truly passionate, pioneering and trusted outcome for our customers.

Our 120-year Nordic heritage

We’re part of the Statkraft Group, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy and a leading international hydropower company.   


Their 120-year history, and being 100% Norwegian state owned, makes us a safe, secure and sustainable energy company.  


Statkraft also has cutting-edge expertise in physical and financial energy trading, which forms part of our supply, storage and generation proposition to our customers.  


Statkraft say: “This is great news for Bryt Energy. Bryt are looking to lead the market in offering zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity to UK businesses, with fair pricing and a professional customer service. They are an important part of our strategy of growth in customer business.” – Duncan Dale, Director of Statkraft UK 

Bryt’s beginnings

Using Statkraft’s 120 years’ experience and MEA’s expertise in energy supply, Bryt Energy was set up in 2016. Based in Birmingham, we’ve expanded our team of experts to help even more businesses switch to renewable energy.   

Supplying £100m of 100% renewable, zero carbon electricity is a step in the right direction.

To find out more about Bryt Energy, contact us at or at  

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