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| 22nd December 2022 | Energy Renewables

Smart meters allow businesses to closely track their energy usage and minimise wastage, saving money and creating a more sustainable energy grid.

Energy prices are at the top of everyone’s agenda at the moment, including businesses. In the current climate it’s understandable that energy managers, procurement teams and facilities professionals want as much clarity as possible on how much they spend on energy, and where they spend it.

According to thinktank Green Alliance, “wasted energy”, i.e. excess energy consumed through a lack of efficiency, could be costing UK businesses around £60m each year1. Wasted energy in the City of London alone could power over 65,000 homes, emitting the same amount of carbon annually as 46,000 cars2.

Smart meters can be a helpful way for businesses to keep track of their energy usage, saving both time and money by removing the need for manual meter readings and avoiding estimated invoices.

As part of the UK Government’s smart meter roll out, we’re on a mission to get eligible customers switched on to second-generation (SMETS2) smart meters, ensuring they can keep a close eye on what they’re using, minimise energy spend, and create a more sustainable approach to energy usage in the UK. SMETS2 meters in particular are designed to be universal and work across the industry, allowing you to easily to switch providers and keep the same smart meter.

What benefits can smart meters offer businesses?

Smart meters track energy usage down to the unit, making billing more accurate and helping consumers keep a tight control of their spend, by ensuring they only pay for the electricity they actually use. A smart meter records your usage in near real-time and, when paired with a data visualisation tool*, provides a view of your previous usage so you can take swift action to avoid energy wastage.

Data visualisation tools* linked to your smart meters make it far easier to gain a clear understanding of how and when your business consumes energy, and to spot trends or anomalies. It also helps businesses make informed decisions around where consumption can be reduced and energy efficiency measures improved. That data then enables a more accurate prediction of your energy usage, which suppliers can use to draw up the most suitable contract options for your business.

That deeper understanding of your energy consumption can help you make behavioural changes to reduce unnecessary usage, keep track of the impact your changes have, and communicate this to your teams more effectively – all without causing any disruption to your business or your people.

Beyond cost management, businesses can better work towards Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals by using the usage data provided by smart meters to implement – and report on – energy efficiency targets. At a wider level, businesses also stand to better support the transition of the UK’s smart grid.

Make a change for the better with a smart grid

Assessments by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) show that global temperatures will rise to catastrophic levels unless we take action3. The IPCC believes that if we all do our bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the decarbonisation of energy, we can still stabilise global temperatures.

In the UK, energy supply is one of the biggest sources of emissions, with the energy supply sector contributing more than 23.6% of the UK’s overall carbon emissions in 2021. Thankfully businesses nationwide are making the switch to renewable electricity to help reach net zero by 2050, and smart meters – and ‘smart grids’ – play a fundamental role in this.

You might have heard the phrase ‘smart grid’ before, but if you haven’t, a smart grid is an alternative to a traditional energy network that enables two-way digital dialogue between a supplier and consumer. Smart grids allow for better monitoring and analysis of energy usage on both your side and ours, and this two-way conversation is important as the UK transitions to a net zero system.

As part of the energy transition, industries such as heat and transport will need to decarbonise and electrify, which will cause demand for electricity to rise. As that increases, today’s infrastructure of cables, pylons, and substations may struggle to cope. By getting to grips with the usage data and generation data across the network, the UK will be in a far better position to match supply with demand and operate an efficient energy system – one which actively supports renewable electricity sources whilst providing reliable and affordable electricity for everyone. Taking a smarter approach to electricity usage can help everyone get the most out of the existing infrastructure, reducing the need for expensive upgrades.

With a smart meter tracking your business’s energy usage, you’ll be better equipped to make targeted efficiency improvements, minimising the electricity you use and reducing wastage whilst supporting the transition to a smart grid and net zero.

What is the process for installing a business smart meter?

Some people may worry that getting a smart meter installed could be disruptive to their day, but the process couldn’t be simpler. We can install your smart meter for free between 08:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday**. Your power will typically be down for only around 30-40 minutes and our engineers will try their hardest to minimise any disruption.

Did you know? If you are a rental tenant, you can still get a smart meter as long as you pay the energy bill. And if your landlord pays, you will just need to seek their permission first.

If you have any other questions around smart meters, you view our full list of FAQs, here.

Why choose a business smart meter from Bryt Energy?

A better approach to energy is within our collective grasp and it’s up to all of us to make it a reality. From the start, Bryt Energy has been providing British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, sourced solely from Solar, Wind and Hydro power.

Every organisation’s journey in reducing carbon emissions is unique, and the best place to start is by switching to a trusted supplier of renewable electricity. Our range of tools, including second-generation smart meters, can take your business’s energy awareness and management to entirely new levels, enabling you to play your part in a net zero future.


If you’re looking to have a smart meter installed, or have any questions at all, please speak to our friendly team of experts by either filling in our web form or emailing us at


*Please speak to our smart metering team to discuss suitable options available to your business.

**If you require an appointment outside of these times, please discuss this when arranging your installation, as there may be an Out of Hours charge dependent on the time and day of your booking.


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