Solutions to take your business on a carbon reducing journey

We supply British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, using only Solar, Wind and Hydro power. Whether it be on-site generation, battery storage or optimisation controls, we are at the forefront of the clean energy technology revolution.


We like to make it simple. Our friendly team deliver the basics brilliantly and our bespoke services give our customers control, security and peace of mind.







All our electricity is sourced solely from solar, wind and hydro power.


Our electricity is zero carbon and 100% renewable, compared to the national average of 40.30%. Backed by guarantee of origin certificates, you can report the emissions associated with your electricity consumption as zero, with confidence. Find out more about our fuel mix, here.


Pure Certainty

Our fully fixed electricity product.


Makes it simple for you to budget what you spend and track your ongoing costs.

All energy, network and environmental charges are included in your price, giving you budget certainty.


Pure Control

Greater control over non-energy costs.


Gives you control, flexibility and transparency in managing your third party charges. 

Your energy costs are fixed, but you choose which network and environmental charges you would like to fix or pass-through at industry cost.


Pure Flex

Our bespoke range of fully-flexible options.


Gives you the flexibility to choose when to buy your energy, to suit your business strategy and take advantage of a changing market

Allows you to choose how and when to buy electricity to suit your business's needs.


Shift and Save

Flexibility in your electricity usage.


With the benefits of Pure Certainty’s fixed rates, shift your electricity consumption out of peak times to save money.

Have the ability to manage your electricity consumption to make savings.


Market Advantage

Take advantage of market movement.


The certainty of a fixed contract, with the flexibility to bring forward cheaper electricity prices, by extending your contract if the market drops.

All your cost elements are fixed and included in one price, so you know exactly what you’ll pay for the electricity you use.


Your roof is a solar power station waiting to happen.


By installing the most reliable solar panels (photovoltaic systems) from the world’s leading manufacturers, we can help you generate your own zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, at a 35% lower rate than the national grid. An easy turn-key solution, solar PV panels can be installed on-site free of charge, and we can manage the planning, admin and maintenance for you.* 


Save money, minimise your carbon footprint and reduce your reliance on the grid.


*Subject to credit assessment and T&Cs


Battery storage: your secret to resilience and cost savings.


Our expert battery storage team have a variety of energy storage systems to help you choose the right solution for your business.


Our energy storage systems can provide you with long-term savings, by shifting your electricity usage outside of expensive times of peak demand. They can also offer your business a back-up solution in the event of a power cut or poor connection, avoiding costly shutdowns and allowing your business to keep on going when you need to most.


To learn more about energy storage and how it could help your business, visit here.


Track and control your electricity in new ways.


We can take your energy awareness and management to entirely new levels, helping you reap the financial and environmental benefits of a flexible electricity demand.

Through our Virtual Power Plant (VPP), we can remotely manage your assets, including battery storage, refrigeration, building management systems, and HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning). We'll then look at grid demand, the energy market and your site requirements to optimise your flexible load. Our VPP does the work so you don't have to, helping you to make savings on your electricity bill without impacting your day-to-day business.

We also offer smart meters, giving you automated reads and a better view of your data.

To learn more about how smart meters can benefit your business, visit here.