Why is Bryt Energy different from other suppliers?

Benjamin Rees - Marketing Intern
| 12th February 2018 | Energy Renewables

In recent times the government has put a huge emphasis on increasing the amount of green energy that the UK is producing. This is demonstrated by the government’s hopes to seek a zero carbon economy in the next 30 years. As well as the government having a duty of care towards the environment, it’s important that businesses lead the way and set an example for their customers. This duty seems to have been recognised by many of the biggest businesses in the world, leading them to turn to zero carbon solutions to help reduce their negative impact on the environment.  


There are many energy companies in the UK that offer tools to help businesses manage their carbon, however can they really claim that all their generated energy has a minimal environmental impact? Many energy companies still generate electricity through burning coal and gas, two resources which use fossil fuels and are carbon intensive. 


For an energy company to label their supply as zero carbon, the source of their electricity should ideally not contain any non-environmentally friendly resources. There are other types of zero carbon methods, like nuclear, which can be used, but their impact on the environment can be questioned. 


Being supplied by renewable energy is becoming an increasing demand within the business energy market; however there are still many businesses yet to adopt the revolution, as although a business may have the desire to reduce its carbon emissions, it could prove quite expensive to make the change to lower carbon technologies business-wide. With some suppliers, there is a need to pay an added premium when purchasing renewable or low carbon power.

How is Bryt Energy different?

However, Bryt Energy doesn’t believe in charging extra for energy which is generated to help the environment. All energy which is supplied by us is 100% renewable at zero extra cost, giving businesses lower carbon emissions and energy costs.   

Benefits of a zero carbon supply

Moreover, there are benefits of being supplied by zero carbon energy which can help in all areas of businesses. The marketing opportunities are significant when running on zero-carbon electricity as it allows businesses to show their clients and potential customers the work they’re doing to help the environment. Coupled with our zero-carbon labelling scheme, businesses have the chance to proudly promote the zero carbon content of their supply through their Bryt certification. 

Improve your supply chain

Businesses setting an example by choosing renewable energy can also have a positive effect on their supply chain. Businesses who are suppliers to other companies can report zero carbon on their scope 2. Scope 2 is defined as ’emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, steam, or other sources of energy (e.g. chilled water) generated upstream from the organisation’. Businesses who are supplied by other companies can report zero carbon on their scope 3 for indirect energy use. Scope 3 consists of other indirect emissions, such as the extraction and production of purchased materials and fuels, transport-related activities in vehicles not owned or controlled by the reporting entity, electricity-related activities.

Suppliers’ thoughts

From a recent interview with the Head of Sustainability from Internet Fusion (owners of sportswear retailer Surfdome), it was interesting to learn that the carbon content of their supply chain is a crucial factor for them.  


Surfdome said: “We like to work closely with all our suppliers, so we’d like to them to join in with a 100% renewable offering. We have a series of activations to suggest and strongly encourage them to revert to renewable energy if they haven’t already. Also, this really deepens our sustainable offering to our customers who expect this from us. It’s nothing but positive to do so. 


“If there is an extreme case of disregard for sustainability we would [stop working with a supplier for their lack of sustainability credentials] – thankfully all our suppliers are very unlikely to be in that position. But we do expect all our suppliers to increase their sustainability credentials, if they do not over longer periods of time, it adds to less favourable conditions for us to work with them going forward – but in the first instance we’ll do everything we can to help them attain the levels we should all be achieving as standard!


Businesses of all sizes have begun adapting to a lower carbon world, and Bryt Energy is happy to support businesses who are looking to do so. That’s business as usual at Bryt. Contact us today on 0121 726 7575 or at solutions@brytenergy.co.uk to make it your business too. 

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