What is battery storage and how can it help my business?

Rob Samuelson - Business Development Director
| 21st February 2019 | Renewables

Businesses have a big issue. Electricity costs have risen by 32% in the past year [1], with moves towards the electrification of transport and heat expected to place more demands on the grid in the future.  


For commercial energy users, electricity is more expensive between the hours of 4 pm to 7 pm, particularly in the winter months (also known as the Triad and red band period). This is because the higher the demand on the National Grid, the higher the price of electricity; and it’s businesses like yours who feel the pinch. 


Whilst on-site renewables are the way forward for many businesses, the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow. 


By installing a battery storage system, your business can potentially move your electricity load out of the expensive times of day, save money, smooth out renewable energy sources and help the environment along the way. 


It is simply a large battery that allows you to store electricity and then release the stored energy at the time you choose. A battery storage installation helps your business better manage its electricity consumption and could be used to avoid expensive peaks of the day or when little power is being generated from on-site renewables. Read on to find out how a battery could benefit your business.



1. Save money 

Load shifting is a way your business can utilise your battery to save money. Your business can reduce electricity costs by charging the battery when electricity is cheap (such as at night or when you get excess power from on-site generation) and ‘shifting’ this power to use when electricity from the grid is expensive (i.e. during the day and peak periods). Operating the battery this way will alter your company’s pattern of electricity demand from the grid and save you money – a simple solution that could revolutionise your business’s energy consumption.  


    2. Make the most of your on-site generation 

If you combine storage with a source of on-site generation, such as solar panels, the potential to save money is enhanced. 


By incorporating battery storage, your business can create a controlled output and a smooth generation profile by storing your excess renewable energy/solar generation in the battery rather than exporting it for lower rates to the grid. This electricity can then be discharged from the battery and released back into your business when you need it, such as when your solar panels aren’t generating as much, or when energy demand is highest.  


   3.  Back up your business  

Shutting down your business due to power cuts or intermittent grid connections can be costly, and some industries need to work 24/7. Batteries offer a back-up solution, separating you from the grid in the event of a power cut or poor connection, giving you resilience and the peace of mind that your business can keep on going.  


  4. Access new revenue streams 

Having a flexible asset like a battery could not only save you money but actually help you earn money too! You could earn money by providing electricity back on to the National Grid at times of high demand. 


You can also get paid to use your battery storage system to help balance the frequency of the grid (known as Fast Frequency Response). By charging from the grid when the frequency is too high and discharging when the frequency is too low, you can help avoid damage to equipment and infrastructure and get paid whilst doing so.  


  5. Intelligently works with our Virtual Power Plant 

We’re currently moving from a static centralised world to a dynamic decentralised world; in this low carbon space, energy costs depend on when the wind blows and when the sun shines. With Bryt Energy’s Virtual Power Plant, you can use your battery intelligently to minimise costs and optimise revenue. Just think of our Virtual Power Plant as a super brain. Working alongside our specialist traders, it can make the most of your assets. It decides the best time to use your generation or storage assets (when prices would be high from the grid) and the best times to sell your energy back to the grid. Relax whilst we do the work for you! 


  6. Help the environment along the way 

Our climate has a curfew. To limit increasing temperatures to a maximum of 1.5°c, drastic changes need to be made by 2030. This includes renewables needing to supply 70-80% of global electricity demand [2]. So why not charge your battery with Bryt Energy’s zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, sourced solely from Wind, Hydro and Solar, to be part of a low carbon future. 


With the growing uptake of electric vehicles (EV) increasing demand on the grid, the future of batteries is now. In addition, recent advances in battery manufacturing technology mean prices for large scale storage systems have fallen dramatically whilst performance has improved, making them viable for many commercial operations. Certain batteries have reduced by 24% since just 2016 [3]!


At Bryt Energy Storage, we offer a range of storage solutions to give you full control over your electricity supply. We’re technology neutral and don’t automatically recommend one battery technology over another – we just recommend what is best for your business. We’ve carried out pilot tests on a range of battery types and recognise that each has its advantages. Our dedicated team of engineers constantly assess the market for any new developments so you can be confident you’re getting the best advice. 


For a no obligation conversation on how a storage solution could help your business, get in touch with our team of experts at energystorage@brytenergy.co.uk or on 0330 058 0700. 


[1] Bryt Energy 2017-2018 statistics 

[2] https://www.ipcc.ch/ 

[3] Aggregation & lithium-ion batteries update – Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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