Pure Balance

Pure Balance is a completely new way for businesses to manage electricity, giving you the simplicity and control you need to do it your way.

We give you the tools to take control of your business’s electricity, leaving payment schedules up to you.

With upfront credit and a maximum credit limit, you have the flexibility to match payments with your cashflow.

Choose whether it’s best for your business to set up regular automated payments, or opt to boost your balance manually.

All you need is our app and a smart meter (which we can install if you don’t have one yet) and you’re ready to go – so you can carry on running your business.

Reduce Electricity Costs

check-uncheck We’ll only charge you for the electricity you use. Pure Balance is totally transparent, showing up-to-date usage information from your smart meter, straight to your app (or desktop, if you’d prefer!).
check-uncheck We take a pragmatic approach to security deposits and credit scores, giving you a fair price for your business electricity. Maximum credit limits are set up at the start of your contract, with alerts in place to let you know when your balance is low. With our credit as a safety net, we can even help you to build your credit score.

*within your agreed credit limit

Do it your way

check-uncheck Flexible payments – take charge of the frequency and amount you pay in line with your own business cashflow. Whether it makes more sense for your business to make smaller, more regular payments or one bigger lump sum, it’s in your hands*.
check-uncheck All the information you need at your fingertips, including your running electricity account balance, information on your usage, payment statements and VAT invoices. Access all of this on either your app or website, 24/7.

A Sustainable Choice

check-uncheck Every single unit of electricity from us is zero carbon, 100% renewable and only ever from natural sources: solar, wind and hydro.
check-uncheck Get insight into your usage data to help identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, freeing up renewable energy on the grid for others.
check-uncheck Good for your business and the planet.


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