You're invited: Free electricity management webinars

We’re delighted to be collaborating with Aston University’s Low Carbon SMEs programme to provide 3, 30-minute webinars beginning on the 8th September.  


Offering insight and tips on electricity management, our Head of SME Sales, Nick Lailey, will discuss electricity bills, electricity consumption, efficiency and reducing costs, and how a renewable supply can boost your business.


Low Carbon SMEs will also be providing information on the grant funding and free diagnostic support available to Midlands businesses. This is a fantastic resource for any independent business interested in understanding their electricity, reducing costs, and becoming more sustainable. 


Webinar topics and dates: 


08/09/2020 Understanding your electricity bill:

What do the charges on your invoice mean and how can you manage these to reduce costs and become more efficient?  


15/09/2020 Understanding your electricity usage:  

How can you optimise your energy usage? 


22/09/2020 - How a renewable supply can boost your business: 

What is renewable energy, what options are there, and which one might suit your business? And how can it boost your business? 


You can find out more about the webinars and sign-up,here.  


Low Carbon SMEs 

Aston University’s Low Carbon SMEs Programme supports energy-intensive industries to reduce their carbon footprint, energy costs and improve profitability. The project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is open to small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Greater Birmingham & Solihull and Black Country regions. 


They provide:

  • Access to energy efficiency capital grants of up to £6000 (match-funded)
    • Free on-site energy efficiency survey
      • Cutting-edge collaboration opportunities with Aston University
        • Workshops/Webinars sharing best practise

Find out more: