Why your business should generate its own electricity


Recently amongst large businesses, there has been an increase in investment in onsite methods of power generation.


For example, Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, in part from a 17MW onsite rooftop solar installation. Also, Ikea have installed almost 700,000 solar panels on their stores and distribution centres. IKEA is also encouraging its customers to make their shopping trips more sustainable through the installation of electric vehicle fast charging points across all 18 of their stores car parks. If businesses the likes of AppleIkea and other members of the RE100 are investing in onsite energy generation technology then they must be onto something.  


Why generate your own electricity?

Firstly, onsite energy generation has many environmental benefitsThrough the use of your own generated energy you reduce your reliance on the grid – mostly made up of non-renewable sources. These sources, which include the likes of gas, coal and nuclear, have a detrimental effect on the environment, with fossil fuels contributing to global temperature rises. Not only was 2016 the warmest year on record, but 8 of the 12 months that make up the year  from January through September, with the exception of June  were the warmest on record for those respective months*. In addition, emissions were forecast to reach around 37 billion tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning and industrial activity in 2017*. With this set to increase in 2018, the need for businesses to look towards renewable sources is crucialOn average, solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years, which is plenty of time to recover your investment, and the up-keep of solar panels isn’t costly either.   


Not only could generating your own electricity save you money, but it could also enhance the reputation of your business. 


There are marketing benefits from being known as a business that is investing in and generating renewable energy. Installing a solar power system shows that your business is committed to sustainability. Many consumers and communities are more likely to support environmentally responsible businesses. This can filter through to your supply chain and encourage them to follow your business in harnessing renewable energy. By promoting your brand as eco-friendly, you can improve your company image and potentially increase revenues. Going solar also offers you the opportunity to promote your business within your community and raise awareness on the benefits of saving energy.  


Perhaps most significantly, generating your own electricity will save you money. Even though it is very unlikely that you will generate enough power to completely supply your business through on-site generation, it will still help you in lowering the energy demand on the grid (especially during peak times). Coupled with a 100% renewable supply contract (for when the sun isn’t shining), your business can remain running on 100% renewable electricity even in the absence of solar power. At Bryt Energy, we can help support your business’ mission of becoming more sustainable through our zero carbon, 100% renewable supply and generation solutions.


Be a part of the renewable revolution. Make it your business too. 


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