Energy Consultants - working together

We work with a variety of energy consultants and pride ourselves on the great relationships we've developed. We see them as an extension of our team and, together, we support our customers on their carbon-reducing journey. 

The benefits of working with Bryt Energy

We’re flexible

We’re focused on delivering the very best solutions to our customers. Together, we’d work with you to develop exclusive, bespoke products that will fulfil our customers’ exact needs.

Here to help

We have a friendly team of industry experts to offer support at every stage of the customer journey.

We make things easy

From quote to payment, we do the basics brilliantly – and in a way that suits your processes perfectly.

Part of Statkraft

We're part of the Statkraft group, Europe's largest renewable energy generator. With their 125-year history, feel confident that you're working with a safe, secure and sustainable supplier.






All our electricity is sourced solely from wind, hydro and solar power.


Pure Certainty

Our fully fixed electricity product.
Makes it simple for customers to budget what they spend and track their ongoing costs.

All energy, network and environmental charges are included in our price, giving customers budget certainty.


Pure Control

Greater control over non-energy costs.
Gives customers control, flexibility and transparency in managing third party charges.

Energy costs are fixed, but customers can choose which network and environmental charges to fix or pass-through at industry cost. 


Pure Flex

Our bespoke range of fully-flexible options.
Gives customers the flexibility to buy energy in a way that suits their business strategy and takes advantage of a changing market.

Allows customers to choose how and when to buy electricity to suit their business's needs.


Shift and Save

Flexibility in customers' electricity usage.
The benefits of Pure Certainty's fixed rates, with the added ability for customers to manage their electricity consumption to make savings.

Gives customers the ability to shift their electricity consumption out of peak times to save money.


Market Advantage

Take advantage of market movement.
The certainty of a fixed contract, with the flexibility for customers to bring forward cheaper electricity prices, by extending their contract if the market drops.

All the cost elements are fixed and included in one price, so customers know exactly what they'll pay for the electricity they use.


Track and control your customers' electricity in new ways.


We can help take customers' energy awareness and management to entirely new levels.

From user-friendly energy dashboards to on-site controls, we can give you and our customer access to the latest technology to help optimise their electricity usage and minimise costs.


Your customers' roofs are a solar power station waiting to happen.


By installing the most reliable solar panels (photovoltaic systems) from the world’s leading manufacturers, we can help your customers generate their own zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity - saving them money, minimising their carbon footprint and reducing their reliance on the grid.


Energy storage: your customers’ secret to resilience and cost savings.


Our energy storage systems can help customers save money, by shifting their electricity usage outside of expensive times of peak demand.


They can also offer customers a back-up solution in the event of a power cut or poor connection, avoiding costly shutdowns and giving customers the peace of mind that their business can keep on going.

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