Electricity Connection Guaranteed Standards

This section sets out the guaranteed standards for metered demand and generation connection services provided by your electricity network operator, which owns the wires through which electricity is supplied to the property. Please note the electricity network operator is not responsible for metering or billing – this is done by your energy supplier.

This section of this document summarises the Electricity (Connection Standards of Performance) Regulations 2015 (in relation to metered demand connections) and the Direction under Distribution Licence Condition 15A (in relation to generation connections).

If your local electricity network operator fails to meet any of the connection guaranteed standards you are entitled to receive a payment.

In some circumstances, the guaranteed standards may not apply, including events beyond your local electricity network operator’s control, industrial action, the actions of third parties or not being able to gain access to premises. If the electricity network operator claims any of these exemptions, it will need to show that it took all reasonable steps to prevent the circumstances occurring and to prevent failure.

These guaranteed standards also do not apply:

Where some of the connections work is to be carried out by an independent connections provider, separate service standards and compensation arrangements apply for the aspects of the connections work that the electricity network operator undertakes; or Where reinforcement is required due to the installation of approved equipment (such as small scale generation) at domestic premises or small businesses where no modification to the physical connection is needed and no connection charge is made. Where a new demand connection includes the installation of a single small scale generation unit (SSEG), the relevant demand standards will apply. Where a new demand application includes the installation of multiple SSEG generation or large scale (G59) generation, the relevant generation standards will apply.

The electricity network operator guarantees its key connection services. These guarantees apply to new or modified connections. However, please note that works solely associated with moving a customer’s meter are only included within the scope of “modified connections” for the purposes of Budget Estimates, Quotations and the Quotation Accuracy Scheme.

Provision of Budget Estimates

If you ask your local electricity network operator for a desk-top budget estimate of connection costs that don’t require a visit, they will provide this information within the following timescales (based on the assumption they have all the information they need and been paid any applicable fees)

If the required capacity of the connection is less than 1 MVA, it will provide the budget estimate within 10 working days.

If the required capacity of the connection is 1 MVA or more, it will provide the budget estimate within 20 working days.

If the electricity network operator fails to meet these timescales you will receive a payment of £85.

Provision of Quotations

If you ask your local electricity network operator for a quotation (a formal offer of terms) for a connection, they will provide this within the following timescales from when you have given them all the information that they need and paid any applicable fees.

If they fail to provide you with a quotation, they will pay you a fixed amount for each working day that they are late in doing so.

Quotation Accuracy Scheme

This only applies to customers asking for a quotation for a single LV service demand connection or for small-project demand connections.

Customers have the right to challenge the accuracy of their quotation under the Quotation Accuracy Scheme. If the quotation is found to be inaccurate or incomplete, your local electricity network operator will make a fixed payment. They will provide you with a correct quotation and also refund you the amount of any overpayment you may have made. However, if it turns out that they have undercharged you then they will require you to pay the additional amount.

They will agree dates to commence the works, complete the works (or a phase of works specified in the quotation) and, if required, energise the supply. These dates may be varied at the customer’s request or agreement or as notified by the electricity network operator (for example if severe weather causes them to postpone planned works, if there are delays in obtaining wayleave consents, if they are unable to undertake live working on their system for safety reasons or prerequisite works have not been completed). They will commence on-site work, complete the on-site works and energise if required, on the agreed dates.

If they fail to meet an agreed date, they will pay you a fixed amount for each working day that they are late in doing so.

Notification of Payment under Electricity Connections Guaranteed Standards

If your local electricity network operator fails to meet any of these standards, they will make your payment by cheque, by electronic transmission or as a credit to your connection invoice within 10 working days of the failure (for budget estimates), within 10 working days of a quotation being found to be incomplete or inaccurate (for the quotation accuracy scheme) and within 10 working days of completion of the job (for all the other standards covered by this document).

If they fail to make payment within the above timescales they will send you an additional payment of £65.

Any payments that you receive under the Electricity Connections Guaranteed Standards will not prejudice your entitlement to any other remedy or action that may be open to you because of your electricity network operator’s failure.

Contacting Your Local Electricity Network Operator

Please find below a map showing the electricity network operators across all regions and details of how to contact them.