Faster Switching is the Ofgem regulatory project which aims to ensure that energy customers can switch their supplier easily and with confidence.


The industry wide go live date is the 20th July 2022 and from this date all non-domestic suppliers will be able to offer customers the ability to switch energy supplier within 2 working days.


At Bryt Energy we are proud that we have historically been able to offer customers the ability to change supplier within 2 working days and can see the positive benefits this project implementation will have for customers being able to do this with any supplier in the industry.


Due to the industry system changes being made, there will be a period from late June until the 20th July where any Change of Supply requests we receive may take longer than usual to complete. We will proactively communicate with any impacted customers so that you will know if you are affected and can understand what this will mean for your energy supply switching process.

We recommend contacting your current electricity supplier, as they will be able to explain why there has been an objection with your transfer. An energy supplier will usually object to a change of supply request if they believe there is an unpaid balance on your account or there is still a live contract which has not yet been terminated.

To ensure your switch to Bryt Energy goes smoothly, we ask that you:


Yes, you can choose the date you’d like to be supplied by us from. Your start date will be in your contract and, unless there are any objections, we can transfer your supply to us within 1 working day.


Your existing electricity supplier will typically raise an objection for one of the following reasons:



If an objection is raised, it can cause a delay to your supply start date. To ensure we can register your electricity supply as quickly as possible, please contact your current supplier and ask them to explain why they have raised an objection for you leaving them. Please let us know when this has been rectified so we can continue our change of supply process.

If you have a non half hourly meter, we will need a meter reading within 5 working days of your supply start date. We’ll use these to open your new account and will send these to your old supplier so they can close your previous account with them.


If you have a smart meter or half-hourly meter, we don’t require a read from you.