We want to make sure you’re billed as accurately as possible. Regular meter readings help us to do this by avoiding estimating your usage.

Regular meter readings allow you to monitor your usage and see how your consumption changes throughout the year. They also ensure your Direct Debit is set to the correct amount, even if you choose to switch suppliers.

In comparison, if you don’t supply regular meter reads, we may have to estimate your annual consumption (EAC) and therefore your Direct Debit payment could be set higher than what you are actually using.

If you have a non-half hourly meter you can submit a meter reading through your online portal account. You will need to select the ‘Meter Reading’ option from the dropdown menu and enter your meter reading and the date it was obtained before submitting.

No, we receive all half hourly, AMR and smart information automatically, which helps us provide you with accurate bills. If you don’t have a half hourly meter, you can submit your meter readings with ease, through our online customer portal. If you’ve not yet signed up to our customer portal, please contact our helpful customer support at heretohelp@brytenergy.co.uk.

We don’t currently support feed-in tariffs. However, you can still join Bryt Energy for your electricity supply and keep your feed-in tariff with your previous supplier.