The carbon calculator is a web-tool which allows users to enter their annual electricity consumption and select their current provider; in an attempt to retrieve a carbon calculation. The tool itself multiples the annual consumption entered by the "CO2 g/kwh" outlined in each suppliers Fuel Mix Disclosure.


The tool also aims to quantify the carbon calculation using recognisable objects such as Shipment Containers, Big Ben and Wembley Stadium. The explanation as to how these equivalents have been worked out are below.


Conversion from cubed meters into KG

Mole in 1 Kg

1000 g / 44 g mol-1 = 22.727 mol


Volume of 1 Kg

Moles x (volume of one mole at RTP)

22.727 mol x 0.024 m3 mol-1 = 0.545 m3


Calculation used

[Volume of object] / [volume of 1KG] = [Equivalent] 


CO2 to shipping container (40 ft)

67.5 / 0.545 = 123.8 

123.8 KG of CO2 is required to fill 1 shipping container.


CO2 to Big Ben

4,650 / 0.545 = 8,532.1

8,532.1 KG of CO2 is required to fill Big Ben, once.


CO2 to Wembley Stadium

4,000,000 / 0.545 = 7,339,449

7,339,449 KG of CO2 is required to fill Wembley Stadium, once.